Celebrity fitness trainer Tiffiny Hall might be recovering in hospital after intense wrist surgery, but she managed to see the bright side of her situation. 

Tiffiny Hall has been hospitalised after undergoing surgery on her wrist to repair a ligament that had become a “big mess” after she ignored it for “many months”.

The fitness guru shared the news with her 222k followers in an Instagram story, flashing her cast she called her “new accessory”.

“My jab is coming back strong”, she captioned the story.

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But despite the seriousness of the injury, the celebrity trainer is still in good spirits.

“I hear casts are very in this summer! Picked this one up at my local hospital, thoughts?” she joked in a recent Instagram post.

“Back story: Yesterday I had to have surgery on my wrist – a scapholunate ligament reconstruction to be precise – which was a bit daunting (being a trainer and all!) but also very relieving. After experiencing a bit of pain earlier this year and thinking it was just your run of the mill “parents’ wrist”, I then found out that there was a little more going on in there,” the mother-of-one continued.

Tiff even managed to see the silver lining of her injury, thanking COVID lockdown and her TIFFXO workouts for not exacerbating the situation.

“Let me tell you, it’s super weird knowing that you need surgery but being in next to no pain!

“Thank goodness for my TIFFXO workouts being so low impact that I didn’t do any further damage, in fact I could barely feel a thing. They’re the only workouts I’ve been doing all year in lockdown, but who knows what would have happened if I’d been hitting the dojang! Silver linings of lockdown you might say.”

It’s definitely the #inspo we need right now to be the glass-half-full kind of person.

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