Unbeknown to the public, the former MYER ambassador has had breast implants since she was 17. But now, she’s getting them both removed. 

Rachel Finch is preparing to go into surgery today after one of her breast implants ruptured.

The TV host and wellness entrepreneur wrote a lengthy post on Instagram, surprising many as it wasn’t public knowledge that she had breast implants. It turns out, Finch has had them since she was 17.

But two years ago, she “woke up and noticed one was a little different to the other. I immediately went in for an MRI which the doctor told me I had a capsular contracture in my left breast – meaning the skin the body creates around the implant to protect itself has tightened. I was told it was fine, common and nothing needed to be done urgently,” she wrote.

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But the discomfort graduated to pain and other symptoms, which she didn’t associate with her implants at the time.

After being “in and out of clinics for months now” she was told last week that an implant had ruptured, “meaning there’s a hole with its contents leaking out. These results were actually on the original MRI I had 2 years ago but were read wrong to me.”

She said that there’s no way of knowing how much damage has been done until after surgery, given the length of time that the implant has been ruptured.

Finch signed off with an important message to say “Please, if you ever feel something is not right with your body, listen to your instinct and don’t stop searching.”

According to cosmetic surgeon Dr. John Williams, the symptoms of a ruptured breast implant include swelling, soreness, tingling sensations, numbness, and burning, but you also may not experience symptoms at all.

“You should get into the habit of inspecting your breasts a few times each month,” he writes on his blog.

“Do a self-examination to look for lumps and breast size and shape.”

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