Queensland will reopen its borders to Kiwis from 1am on Saturday, just in time for Christmas.

Queensland will officially open its borders to New Zealand from 1am on Saturday December 12, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced on Friday morning.

This will mean New Zealanders will be able to freely travel into Queensland without quarantining, just in time for Christmas.

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Ms Palaszczuk told Today that Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young’s decision came about due to the “great success story of Queensland” and of New Zealand.

“Dr Jeannette Young advised me late last night that New Zealand is also good to go,” she told Today.

“So, visitors coming in from New Zealand from 1am tomorrow are welcome into Queensland.”

She added: “We are hoping that eventually New Zealand will not have to hotel quarantine upon return, and then there would be free flowing movement between the two.”

Kiwis have also been able to travel freely to New South Wales and the Northern Territory for some time now.

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