A great time for families to be reunited and more opportunities to travel, there are lots of restrictions easing this week and next. 

The border that separates New South Wales and Queensland is set to reopen next month after thousands of residents were locked out of the state when two coronavirus clusters emerged in December.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk spoke with Today this morning, confirming the border would open again on February 1.

“It’s a great time for families to be reunited, but also, too, for people to plan their holidays,” she said.

According to the premier, the decision to allow movement between the two states was made after NSW recorded now new cases of community transmission for 10 straight days.

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Restrictions on social gatherings in NSW will also relax from midnight tonight, where up to 30 will be allowed to visit a house, 50 will be able to attend an outdoor event such as a picnic, and masks will no longer be required at some indoor settings.

Masks will still be mandatory on public transport, in places of worship, beauty salons, and if you’re a front-facing hospitality worker. They will be optional but encouraged, in places such as supermarkets.

“We recommend people wear masks if vulnerable and can’t guarantee social distancing. We asked supermarkets and other places to consider what their staffing policy might be around masks,” NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said.

“I should add in relation to that that if you are attending a beauty salon or a hairdressing salon, where there’s prolonged periods where you’re there for hours, both the staff and the patrons also need to wear a mask.”

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