The actress and entrepreneur gets real about why her diet and fitness regimen isn’t a top priority.

Health isn’t exactly Drew Barrymore’s first priority.

In an interview with Health magazine, the mother-of-two admitted that she’s “not a straight arrow’ when it comes to her diet and fitness routine – and for good reason, too.

“I will never be all one thing — eating the perfect food and working out every day. I just will never be that person,” the 45-year-old said. “Between my kids and work, I don’t have the time in life.”

She added: “But I realised that if I’m more consistent about it and carve out the time for it, it leads to a better life.

“Before, it was all workout or none. And that really didn’t suit me. I had to prioritise it, but I will tell you, it is, like, third on my list. It probably should be first, but it’s, like, kids and work are probably rivals.”

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However, her dedication to health has definitely improved over the years.

“Years ago working out was, like, number 24 on the list,” Barrymore continued. “Actually, my health is fourth on the list — my friendships are third. But, hey, it’s in the top five — so that’s good.”

And surprisingly, the chaos of 2020 has actually worked in Barrymore’s favour.

“[The past year] has been, in a lot of ways, a really healthy year for me, ironically, considering everything going on,” she said. “I exercise, and I had already gained the weight everyone else talked about gaining — I had been doing that every year prior.”

But one thing the actress and entrepreneur hasn’t mastered is the concept of balance, which she calls “an elusive bitch who has evaded me my entire life.”

“I’m just ready to wrestle her to the ground and have an old-fashioned, hair-pulling girl fight with her,” Barrymore said. “I’m the most wrecking-ball pendulum of extremes, with no pretty little middle.”

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