On-screen superhuman and just all round genetically blessed guy, Chris Hemsworth has reportedly suffered an acute back injury in the lead up to filming the fourth Thor film.

We’ll admit it; sometimes we forget that Chris Hemsworth isn’t actually superhuman. With his all-too-convincing on-screen portrayal of a certain Norse god and regular impressive displays of god-like strength on his socials – it is often just too easy to believe otherwise.

However, with recent reports emerging over the weekend, we are humbly reminded of reality.

While the cause of the injury itself remains unclear, it was reported by The Sunday Telegraph that the 37-year-old actor and famous Byron local was recently rushed to a private hospital on the Gold Coast from his home, after suffering an acute back injury.

Poor Thor!

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“A specialist pain problem”

The oldest of the Hemsworth brothers reportedly received cortisone injections from specialists to his back within his brief stint at the hospital, and did not have to stay overnight. The Daily Telegraph reported that a source close to actor said that the injury was “a specialist pain problem” and “for what he needed, he had to go to the Gold Coast”.

It’s seems that the Centr app founder has long had concerns for his bodily mobility, sharing in a 2019 Men’s Health interview that “after lifting weights for so long and not getting in touch with my fast-twitch fibres, the snappiness that my body had [has gone].”

“I need to do some more sprint work, I guess. It just hurts. Running is painful. I don’t do a lot of running for that reason. I’d rather have mobility in my body from surfing and get that fluidity that I enjoy.”

You’re not alone, Chris. Running IS a slog.

“The best place in the world”

Hemsworth is currently on set of the Taika Waititi-directed fourth Thor film, Thor: Love and Thunder in Sydney. The Marvel star revealed to Men’s Health in a recent interview that the UK and US were also considered by Disney to be filming locations for the 2022 film:

“That was going to be in Atlanta or the UK and I was kind of digging my heels in and saying, ‘This is the best place in the world to shoot’,” he remarked. “This is pre-COVID. And then eventually they said, ‘OK, cool. We can make it work’.”

Well, Thor, we’re glad you dug your heels in with that superhuman strength of yours, and we wish you a speedy recovery.

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