The vitriol that women face on social media is downright exhausting. Tennis champion Jelena Dokic is the latest victim when bullies commented on her weight like that’s any of their business.

Jelena Dokic, Olympian and tennis champion, has taken to Instagram to bite back at online bullies who made cruel comments about her weight. There was even an article about it in the Serbian press, she says.

She addressed them in an Instagram post last night, with something she and other women should never have to say: stop thinking you have the right to comment on a woman’s appearance.

“I have talked about my weight and not a lot of people have done that publicly,” she wrote in the caption, making reference to her 50kg weight loss with Jenny Craig last year.

“Now I am also going to be honest, but I also feel like I need to address the negative attention around what people think I should look like. And here is my message to you: GET OVER IT. Leave me and my physical appearance alone.”

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She continued: “To all the body shamers, online trolls and the media that have body shamed me, you should be ashamed of yourselves.”

Amen, sister.

Given the recent discourse around Framing Britney Spears, it’s frustrating that while some people have apologised for how Britney was treated, talked about, and harassed, you would think we’ve learned from it.

But it’s clear we as a society have yet to move on from this abhorrent behaviour towards women, especially when we clearly have so much more to offer than our appearance.

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